Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Month Anniversary

So much has happened since my last post and, while I do hope to chronicle all of my wonderful adventures in due time, I could not let today's milestone pass by without skipping over some of that and  sharing a more important joy with you.

You see, today is our one month wedding anniversary.

Yes folks, six months and one day prior to celebrating 10 years together as a couple we finally made honest men out of each other.  

It's something that we had talked about doing forever in various degrees of extravagance and simplicity, and something that was definitely on our minds having attended three weddings in Mexico and knowing of at least three other couples soon to take the plunge.  

For now, and for various reasons, we have opted for a modest courthouse ceremony surrounded by a few good friends from our personal and professional lives.  We are toying with the idea of doing a larger religious ceremony in Israel to compliment the legal service here in DC...mainly because I was, admittedly, a bit of a groomzilla leading up to the big day, pouting because I wanted a big party, but also because the new-Jew in both of us wants the ketubah, the chuppah, and the broken glass.      

Honestly, though...and this is important for any of you out there planning your wedding day and not feeling that it's big enough....when we were standing before the official and reciting our vows...nothing else mattered.  Not the flu that I had been fighting since the previous Thursday night.  Not the suit that TJ had planned to wear but had been lost by the dry cleaner.  Not the boutonnières that, while beautiful, were not what we ordered.  Nothing.  

We are married.  This nigh decade-long partnership has been validated.

Standing there in that tiny chapel, hand in hand, promising to love each other always in the presence of a handful of good friends...that's all anyone needs.  

That, and cake.  One of our guests insisted that a wedding always needs cake, so she brought one.  We snuck into Au Bon Pain after the ceremony, ordered drinks, and scarfed down the most delicious cake I have ever eaten as quickly and discretely as we possibly could because it was cold outside and we didn't want to get kicked out for bringing in outside food.  

It was simple.  It was quirky.  It was perfect.