Sunday, December 19, 2010

Men Just Don't Understand

One thing I can say about Guadalajara is there sure are a lot of Nativity Scenes set up during the Christmas holiday season. There's one in practically every mall, store, town square, yard, and church that I've come across.

But this one's my favorite.

We stumbled across it today while waiting to meet a friend in El Centro. At first glance, it's really no different than any other Nativity. Or is it?

Something is...missing.

Joseph: "Don't cry, Mary. WE can try again soon."
Mary: "Ugh. Men."


  1. LOL - churches here sometimes wait until Dec 24 to add the baby Jesus...or there was a child abduction. Have you seen his face on any milk cartons?!?

  2. Yeah, churches here apparently do that, too, but I find the whole thing to be quite confusing. Some do, some don't. Some malls do, others don't. And depending on which neighborhood you find yourself in, it's hard to tell if it's an intentional absence or not...

  3. It is tradition to wait until the 24th of December to put baby Jesus in the nativity scene. In Mexico, we have a tradition called "acostar el niño" (which means "laying down the baby", where we sing and pray before/during/after putting the baby Jesus in the manger.