Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Things We Do For (Artificial Celebrity) Love

There is a rather funny plot point in "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie" in which Kermit and the gang face the possibility of losing their theatre space, and all Pepe the King Prawn can think about are his desires to go shake his bon-bon with Ricky Martin in Miami. It all works out in the end of course, but Pepe's selfish persistence, despite the repercussions, is hilarious.

And now, it's personally relevant.

One of the drawbacks of life in the Foreign Service is that your life isn't always yours to do with as you please. Due to safety concerns, the US government will occasionally place travel restrictions on its employees abroad. This is done for their continued well being, of course, yet sometimes it can be somewhat bothersome.

A recent example of this is when we learned of Ricky Martin's May 18th concert at Arena VFG. TJ always told me that he would leave me for Ricky Martin. I was always okay with that, because I figure I'd at least try to give him a run for his money. And then Ricky Martin came out of the closet, sweetening the "possibility" of such an event. And now, for the first time, we found ourselves in a position in which we could fight it out for the man of our dreams. Only...we can't go to Arena VFG. The arena lies just outside of Guadalajara on a roadway that we are prohibited from traveling on at night due to recent violence instigated by the drug trade.

After a couple of months of bickering back and forth about our options, which included sneaking away in the dead of night and hoping for the best, or renting an armored car (both my ridiculous ideas), or simply, rationally, forgetting about it altogether (TJ's idea), we finally reached an agreement.

Having not taken a vacation since our Oct/Nov 2009 trip to Paris to see our friends Yann and Charles, it was decided that perhaps we were due for a break. And since Ricky Martin was scheduled to be in Mexico City on May 15th at Palacio de los Deportes, and since we had been wanting to go to Mexico City anyway, and since our friend Vicente works at Volaris and would be able to get us discounted tickets...we thought now would be a great opportunity to take some time off from work.

And so we set about requesting the time off, buying conert tickets, and making hotel/flight reservations.

And then, of course, once all of this was done, the travel ban got lifted a few days ago.


Let's console ourselves with a pretty picture of Ricky Martin. And because I have to keep up appearances, I'll make it a wholesome one.

Given the chance, Ricky and I will leave the kids with the
baby-sitter (TJ) and enjoy a night on the town in Mexico City.

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