Thursday, June 16, 2011

We Now Resume Our Regular Broadcasting Schedule

Okay. Finally...FINALLY. I have rejoined the digital age and am able to ignore all of my real-life friends in favor of communicating with you wonderful on-line people.

Actually, maybe the almost-month away from the Internet has done me some good. We've been reconnected since Monday, and I've still been too busy with face-to-face human interactions to post a blog.

Went to a movie with a friend tonight ("X-Men: First Class," MUCH better than the previews made it out to be).

Cooked dinner for another friend last night (then contracted a bad case of the hope-I-can-make-it-to-the-bathroom-in-time's...fortunately, I was the only one, and so I blame it on the gas station sandwich I had for lunch and NOT my fine cooking, thank you very much. Yes I said "gas station sandwich." Who are you to judge me? I'm looking at you, Suzi!).

And Monday? Well, on Monday we spent an hour or so hosting the TelMex guy as he tried to figure out what's wrong with our Internet and phone line. It only took three weeks and 7+ calls to get the big galoot out here. I don't think he solved the main problem, but he definitely put a useful band-aid over the wound.

No plans to socialize tomorrow, whether it be with friends or handymen. This is a good thing. I just looked at the calendar, and realized that it has been exactly one month since our arrival in Mexico City. It's time to get some blogging done!


  1. Hah. Thanks. Notice how I was STILL to lazy to post an actual blog this weekend. I'm super lame. I'll get to it tomorrow. Maybe.