Monday, August 9, 2010

365 Challenge, Day 23: He Came Bearing Gifts

TJ's flight landed around 1:07AM . He was sick (food poisoning?), he was tired (long flight), and more than anything he was ready to be home (cuz I'm awesome and he missed me, duh).

Along with two weeks' worth of smelly clothes and all of the beauty products that he snuck into his luggage, leaving me defenseless against the ravages of my early thirties for two solid weeks, he brought home some nifty souvenirs (that I have forced him to model for your entertainment): a hand-woven alpaca wool blanket, a marble llama statuette, and some wood carvings inspired by a local Ecuadorian artist that he enjoyed.

Although I was practically a useless zombie at work today, it was nice to visit for a while when we got home from the airport. We've never been separated for this long before, and it kinda sucked. Everyone needs their space sometimes, but 16 days is pushing the limit.

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