Thursday, August 12, 2010

365 Challenge, Day 26: Legally Rained On

When your evening plans consist of watching a traveling production of a Broadway show at an amphitheatre, this is not the view you want to see from your windshield on the way to the venue:

TJ and I had tickets to see Legally Blonde: The Musical at Wolf Trap this evening, and venue policy is that the show goes on, rain or shine. No amount of concern regarding lighting was going to change the ticket booth's mind about a refund, either. We arrived in time to see plenty of rain...

...and were fortunate enough to see a little bit of shine before the show began.

Wolf Trap is probably my favorite performance venue in the entire world. Well, ok, maybe not the entire world, but the small part of it that I have seen? Absolutely.

In the 1/2 year that we have lived in Virginia, I have already seen three shows at Wolf Trap: CATS, Mamma Mia!, and, now, Legally Blonde. We have plans to see The Sound of Music there in early September.

Wolf Trap offers the standard admission for those that are afraid of the elements: $80 or so for a normal cushioned seat in the orchestra pit or balcony. For those feeling a bit more adventurous, there are the $20 lawn seats. The lawn is available on a first come, first serve basis, and opens about an hour before regular seating. Those that opt for the lawn are able to bring a picnic and the alcoholic beverage(s) of their choice. The view is decent, the option to have a picnic is charming, and, on a less rainy evening, the view of the night sky during intermission is breathtaking. Although there were none to be found tonight, I am typically enchanted by the plethora of fireflies to be found at Wolf Trap...a sight unseen in Texas and Florida.

And let's not forget the uncanny ability of a bottle (or two) of wine to make everything better as the evening progresses.

I make no bones about how much I miss Florida, or how ready I am to move to Guadalajara, but every now and again, something like Wolf Trap reminds me to live in the just enjoy the here and now.

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  1. Aw! We have something similar in Philly, except they feature the Philadelphia Orchestra. My parents would drag me there in the summer with their season tickets, and I loathed it. It was always sweltering, and the mosquitos were out in full force. And there's only so many summers you can stand hearing the 1812 overture with full-blown cannon shots timed to the music.

    I still shudder every time I pass the exit on the highway with its name. I'm sure it'd be better with some broadway!