Sunday, January 2, 2011

Third Time's the Charm

So there I was, relaxing on the couch at 4pm on Thursday afternoon, having experienced my second Early-Release in two weeks as a result of a holiday weekend (first Christmas, now New Year's)...I swear, I won't know what to do this week without a holiday...

So anyway, there I was relaxing, when this chick comes along and ruins it all. I haven't even met her in person. I'm not quite sure how we became friends on Facebook, but I think I sent her a pity-add after she started blog-stalking me. Or maybe she sent me a pity-add after I started blog-stalking her. I don't remember. But her hubby was in A-100 with TJ, so I guess she's okay people.

So anyway, she starts demanding pictures of our new house. Anyone that follows this blog regularly knows we lived here and then here before finally moving into our permanent digs on December 10th.

What? You DON'T know that? You mean she was the only one?

Wow. I guess I should be nicer to her.

(And, for the record, for anyone that doesn't understand my humor...ESPECIALLY the chick in question...please take my biting sarcasm with a grain of salt. It's all said out of love.)

Anyway, here are the pics of our permanent Guadalajara address. Well...permanent for the next two years.

Pretty fountain-wall in front of the house.
You can't see the actual front, though.
I don't know all of you people. :-)

Same couches from the last place. Ah. Consistency.

Mi cocina.

Notice how the only diff in the two bedrooms is the size...
both have the same fugly furniture...

Master bath. That's right. I have a jacuzzi tub.
...but it doesn't work. Ha!

The Backyard...

The view from upstairs...

A family beating the hell
out of Minnie Mouse today...
Great view from upstairs!

All of this is subject to change, however. In fact, since these photos were taken, we have already dismantled the living room and moved it upstairs to a room that was so boring I didn't even bother taking pictures of it. It is now our tv room, and looks fairly awesome. The actual living room will be renovated, following the upcoming delivery of our newly purchased leather couches and the as-of-yet unknown arrival of our ginormous television from DC. This house is merely a work in progress, people. I'll keep you updated as the situation progresses.


  1. I'm glad someone finally motivated you to clean up the place and take some pictures. We should thank her.

    I am so jealous of your yard. You have actual grass! Next time I'm getting three dogs instead of three kids. ;-)

  2. Nice place!

    It is time for the Weekly State Department Blog Round Up and you are on it!

    It is found here:

    If you would like the links to your site removed (or corrections are needed) please contact me. Thanks!