Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guadalajara's Top 20, Number 2: Zoológico Guadalajara

Although I said we would do it last week, we didn't manage to get ourselves over to the zoo until today. So worth the wait.

Premium admission to Zoológico Guadalajara is only 132 pesos (approximately $10 USD) and includes all-day access to the zoo, unlimited usage of the "train," and one amazing romp through the safari.

I wish I had some sort of witty story to share, but hey, it was just a trip to the zoo. Short of an animal stampede, which there wasn't, I don't think anything too newsworthy could come from such a day.

But it was a wonderful day. I took almost 300 photos. Here are some of my favorites.

Fountain at zoo entrance;
TJ, me, and Vicente in front of the monkey statues
(randomly selected photographer was not good at framing...)

Better shot of monkey statue;
Um. Singing fish?

Um. Poindexter fish?;
Turtle trio

Cutest baby monkey in the world;
Closest I've ever been to a kangaroo

Posing on a hippo. Tres chic.

Obligatory squirrel shot;
Ginormous turtle

Animal gentrification?

Feeding time!

This is NOT zoomed;
But those last two ARE plastic

Mom (dad?) and baby;
Ostrich mating ritual

Panda! One of 35 living outside of China;
Great view of Guadalajara's landscape

Joe Camel and Iggy Iguana


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