Saturday, October 20, 2012

Guadalajara's Top 20, Number 19: Mirador de Huentitan (Well, Sort of)

In my rush to complete the Top 20 list, things have become increasingly difficult.  Our Jeep Compass was in the shop for maintenance for almost an entire week, severely limiting my ability to travel.  We've had to spend time packing, donating, and throwing things away.  We have to clean the house and do some yard upkeep.  Plus, there's this little thing called work that really gets in the way for eight or so hours every Monday-Friday. 

In hindsight, I should have been more assertive in getting this done before the last minute, but what can ya do?  Time travel?

The next item on the list is Mirador de Huentitan, and I'm totally gonna cheat on this one.  

Mirador de Huentitan can be found at the end of Calzada Independencia Norte.  It overlooks the famous Barranca de Oblatos, a canyon 16 miles long and 2-5 miles wide, with an elevation of over 3,400 feet.  The beauty of the canyon is said to rival that of the Grand Canyon itself and it was the site of many battles in the Mexican Revolution.

Barranca de Oblatos has another name, Barranca Huentitan.  Mirador de Huentitan is, therefore, nothing more than a lookout point for the canyon itself, which can be seen from many vantage points, among them the backside of the Guadalajara Zoo, which we visited way back in January 2011 and again when our Texas friend Patrick visited in September 2011.

So, there ya go folks.  It's not exactly the Mirador de Huentitan, but I've seen the Huentitan, aka Oblatos, twice already.  No sense in going back now, is there? Not when there's one more site to see on the list.  And I'm on my way there now...

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