Sunday, July 31, 2011

Surprise Visitor

We received a very pleasant surprise in mid-June when our French friend Gwen contacted us via Facebook.

Gwen: "What are you doing this weekend.?"
Us: "Nothing."
Gwen: "Would it be okay if I came for a visit?"
Us: "Um. Sure. From Paris?"
Gwen: "Yes."
Us: "Okay. How long would you like to stay?"
Gwen: "Just Friday night through Sunday morning."
Us: "Um. Okay?"

Dear readers, I cannot even begin to express how flattering it is to know that there are people out there that care enough about us to spend what had to be over $1,000 USD and 17 hours (more or less when you throw in layovers) in travel time both ways just to spend a weekend with us.

(Especially since all of our US friends have been too scared/busy/disinterested to show up thus far. You know who you are.)

Because of this, we wanted to make sure he had a fantastic time. Friday night we scooped him up from the airport and enjoyed a lively night out on the town.

The next day we woke up ridiculously early and our friend Antonio joined us in Tequila for a tour of Mundo Cuervo, one of our favorite things to do in/around Guadalajara...probably because of the free samples.

Nothing says "good time" like a free margarita

The next picture is only being shown because it'll probably embarrass Gwen. See what a good friend I am?

Hairnets must be worn inside the distillery
so that you don't get your funk in the tequila

Pictured here is a cookie. This cookie is made out of Agave fibers. You see, there is a lot of waste created in the production of Tequila. Once all of the juices and whatnot have been squeezed out of the plant, there's not much use for the plant. Rather than simply throw it away, tequila distillers have started to come up with creative ideas for the use of the byproduct. They've started making paper products. And cookies. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Self, I just can't imagine a cookie that is made from things that are also used to make paper could taste very good." And you'd be right. This was by far the most disgusting, flavorless thing I have ever eaten. And that green goop on top that's supposed to be in the shape of an agave plant? Well, you'd think that surely that would have some flavor to it. But you'd be wrong.

We returned to Guadalajara in time for lunch at El Abajeño, where I had shared a delicious birthday dinner with friends in March. It was then that we learned that El Abajeño does not have a knack for consistency. But we got to see some native dancing...

...which was a good segue into Sunday morning, in which we took in a performance of the Ballet Folklórico at Teatro Degollado (but don't' tell our friend Genaro! He's been wanting to take us for months. Oh, wait. He reads this sometimes. Oops.).

We also spent some time roaming around El Centro showing Gwen the sights...but I had a Winnie the Pooh moment and forgot to bring my camera. Lame-o.

We returned home at 4pm for a quick power nap so that we'd be well rested for a final night on the town...only to wake up nine hours later. A note on the coffee table informed us that Gwen was adventurous enough to take himself out on the town, so TJ and I went back to bed like the old men we are clearly becoming.

Thanks for the visit, Gwen. It meant the world to us. We hope you had enough fun to join us in our future adventures around the world. We promise to take some caffeine pills next time.

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