Friday, October 15, 2010

El Caballero de Olmedo/The Knight from Olmedo

Last night was the scariest night of my life. It wasn't a night of haunted houses, scary movies, or muggings in the park. I wasn't involved in an auto accident, the dogs didn't go missing, and my mother didn't call at 2am with alarming news. was far worse than any of that.

For last night was a night...of theatre.

It was just an ordinary autumn evening out in the city with friends. TJ and I, joined by four other FSO's and one EFM, enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Heights. We were having a wonderful time. After dinner, we walked around the corner and took our seats in the Tivoli Theatre, where we planned to enjoy an evening with the arts...and then our world crashed down around our ears.

Seven adults preparing to leave the country in a matter of weeks. Seven adults with varying levels of Spanish comprehension. Seven adults sitting in a Spanish theatre eager to flex their language muscles.

Seven adults that spent two hours staring at the English subtitles flashing above the stage and fearing for their lives.

To be fair, the play in question, El Caballero de Olmedo, was written in the 17th Century by Lope de Vega. To put that in context, Shakespeare was a 17th century playwright. For those of us that speak English as a primary language, Shakespearean English is difficult at times. So you can imagine how difficult Shakespearean Spanish would be. My language instructor put it best this morning when I told her about our adventure:

"Antiguos. Yo no lo entiendo muy bien."

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