Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Me Talk Spanish One Day (I Hope...)

Yesterday marked the beginning of my second month in Spanish class. We were given a homework assignment in which we had to prepare a short presentation about important people that we have met. We were encouraged to bring photographs. Presentations were due today.

In my class of three, one told a story about how he met President Clinton in Cambodia. The story was accompanied by a photo of the former president holding my classmate's daughter. My other classmate told the story of how she did arts and crafts projects with the indigenous peoples of Africa. Her story was accompanied by beautiful color photographs of beadwork, hand-woven purses, and blankets that she had worked on while living on the Ivory Coast.

As Guadalajara will be our first tour, I have no such stories to tell. My only recourse was to talk about Mickey Mouse and some D-List celebrities I had met as a child. Also, as my photo albums and color printer are currently packed away in storage, I wasn't able to whip up much of a presentation. What I was able to do is print a few photos from the Internet, cut them out, and re-copy them onto one sheet of paper. Except I forgot to bring scissors to the business office. So I had to tear and fold the photos. The effect was not unlike that of a 2nd Grade Art Project.

Oy, am I glad this class is for fun and not for course credit.

Just for fun, here is what I told my professor, verbatim. This will give you the opportunity to make fun of judge me on how poorly I am progressing in Spanish. I think this, too, is not unlike a 2nd Grader...

"Cuando vivia en Orlando, conoci senor Mikey Mouse durante una visita al Mundo de Disney. Mickey y yo nos reunimos en varias ocasiones porque me gusta el Mundo de Disney y visite a muchos.

"Cuando era una nino, mi padre gustaba ir a coche de la demostraciones. A veces, gentes famosa firmado autografos en la coche de la demostraciones.

"Asi es como conoci a Vanna White de "Rueda de la Fortuna," Jefe Cerdo de "Los Duques de Hazzard," y Tio Cody de "Paso a Paso."

"Estoy triste porque mi perro comio el autografo de Jefe Cerdo, y Jefe Cerdo esta muerto ahora."


  1. Bien bien. Tu espanol es perfecto. te quiero mucho. un beso :)

  2. What's wrong with that Spanish? I understood it. Of course, that's not saying much.

    And who cares about African children? Boss Hog and Vanna White are so much awesomer.