Sunday, October 10, 2010

One Last Adventure At Kings Dominion

Spent one last day at Kings Dominion today before our big move.

One last day filled with crazy roller coasters...

and one last night filled with crazy Halloween spooks...

And I STILL can't get a decent shot with pumpkin man.

This one would have turned out ok, I think, if he hadn''t started quacking like Donald Duck right as the flash went off. I was both startled and amused. Sigh.

I wonder if the third time would have been the charm?


  1. Who could ask for a better picture with Pumpkinhead? You are making your best terrified Linus face. It's uncanny!

  2. This is true, I suppose, if Linus had just had his hair whipped all over the place by The Intimidator, too.