Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hell Week

Depending on your stage or vocation in life, the term "Hell Week" could refer to a number of different things.
  • Perhaps you are pledging a fraternity and are in for an old fashioned hazing.
  • Or maybe you are desperately cramming for your final exams.
  • You might be in the midst of your Police Academy or Navy SEAL training.
  • Or are you an actor going through technical rehearsals?
Most of that sounds fun, if not a wee bit painful/stressful. Sadly, my Hell Week was a monster all its own.

One of the job requirements for Foreign Service Officers here in Mexico is that you return to DC for a training called "Name Check" after you've hit your six-month mark at post. What it's about or whether you actually learn anything new, I couldn't say. I'm not a Foreign Service Officer, so I didn't have to go. Now, I did have the option of going and enjoying some vacation time while TJ worked, but since I leave for vacation in San Diego on July 19th, and especially since the thought of DC causes the slightest hint of bile to rise in my mouth, I decided to stay behind. And I gotta say, the thought of some alone time was appealing. I mean, we work, eat, and sleep together. Sometimes, you just want some space. So how'd that space work out for me?

Well, TJ was gone Saturday, June 25th through Sunday, July 3rd. While he was off enjoying "Mamma Mia!" at Wolftrap and "Wicked" at the Kennedy Center, I was falling victim to one calamity after another. Let us count them off, shall we?

On Wednesday, June 29th, at approximately 9:00PM, Chloe decided to get a little territorial and attack Zelda over a bowl of kibble. I have now been to the vet on no less than four separate occasions. One final trip is scheduled for Sunday morning, at which point the stitches will be removed.

On Thursday, June 30th, at roughly 7:00AM, I took a tumble down the stairs. I'm being a little dramatic here, as i only fell down two stairs and landed safely without injury. But I did have a horrifying moment of imagining myself having to call the neighbor for help, as I was naked as a bluejay.

Gravity (that cruel mistress) attacked again later that day, this time resulting in a collision with a brick pathway on my afternoon jog. Several decorative scabs currently adorn my right elbow, knee, and calf. I was fully clothed this time (much to the relief of my fellow joggers) but on the way down I had two thoughts: #1 - "Oh, $%*&# this is going to hurt"; and #2 - "Why did I choose today to leave my cell phone at home?" Fortunately, it hurt like a beast but not to the point of actually needing to call for help. And in my grandest moment of manhood yet, I got back up and finished my run.

On Saturday, July 2nd, I invited our friend Antonio to go with me to Instituto Cultural Cabañas to see this really awesome exhibit that I had seen there a couple of weeks prior. I had gone the first time without my camera (I know, I know. When am I
ever sans camera?), and really wanted to snag some shots for posterity. So, of course, the exhibit had closed for good two days prior.

But the worst calamity of all actually occurred before any of the others, on Sunday June 26th. That was the day that I foolishly put my laptop on the couch's I always do. This was the first time, however, that it tumbled off and hit the floor. Screen is cracked. Can't see a thing. Which means I can't access the photos for all of the blogs that I've been meaning to write but have been getting to at a snail's pace, including but not limited to:
  • The last half of Mexico City
  • The latest entry in Guadalajara's Top 20
  • An unexpected yet welcome visitor
I'll be picking up a new computer in San Diego later this month. I'll also be taking my old one and asking if, pretty please with sugar on top, they can somehow transfer all of my photos and music over to the new one. If not, well...we'll just have to deal, now, won't we?


On the bright side, the bad luck disappeared when TJ returned. With his very own iPad. *grumble*


  1. TJ has just informed me how monstrous I appear that the computer takes precedence over the dogs. So let me just say that A) The dog, although suffering a little pain, is OK. I don't know quite yet if the memories contained within the computer's hard drive will be quite as lucky. B) Fixing the dog was a heck of a lot cheaper than the new computer will be. So, nyah.

  2. Bah! Hahahaha!

    I love this blog!

  3. Ooo another iPad?! Is the maid position still open, cause..I have my eye on an iPad ;-) Glad all is going smoothly, you naked as a jaybird Aar!

  4. Please note that I said HE got an iPad. I'm still sans tablet. *cries*