Saturday, September 4, 2010

365 Challenge, Day 49: There Won't Be A Day 50

Well, that's overly dramatic. I don't plan on dying tomorrow, and the world isn't scheduled to end until December 21, 2012. What I mean to say is that there will not be a Day 50 of the 365 Challenge.

You see, I have a confession to make. As it turns out, I'm just not that interesting. Nobody is.

The goal was to see if I could take a photo every day for a year. And so far, I have achieved that goal. But are they all great photos? Nah. Some are. Most probably aren't. My life is just as routine, if not more so, than everyone else's. No sense in pretending otherwise.

I thought that maybe, once work ended, doors would open up and I would have more time to take some awesome pics. That may be true, but I start Spanish on Tuesday. At the Foreign Service Institute. Where cameras are prohibited. One 9-5 job has been replaced with another.

And when we move to Mexico? I'll work there, too (hopefully). I'm not some great adventurer that can spend all of my waking hours exploring the world and documenting my exploits for posterity. But wouldn't that be great?

TJ and I are sitting on the couch right now trying to decide what to do with our evening. I asked, in an irritated tone, "What are we going to do? What is my photo of the day?"

TJ responded, in an irritated tone of his own "I don't care."

He's right. And, really, I don't either. I would rather enjoy my life and document it accordingly, instead of trying to manufacture enjoyment for the sake of consecutive daily posts.

We do have plans tomorrow. It is very likely that I will post pictures. But that's just the next of many posts to come. It's not part of a larger agenda.

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