Monday, September 27, 2010

365 Challenge, Day 72: The Sweetest Thing

DISCLAIMER: If you currently or previously lived in Oakwood during my residency here, fear not, for this is the one and only time I have followed anyone out into the parking lot to take their picture.

Anyway, this sweet old couple lives next door to us. Every so often we will see the wife walking down the hall, and say hello. She always looks down and shuffles away as quickly as possible. I wonder if she's afraid of us, or the world in general? Maybe she's afraid of the paparazzi.

Less often, but on occasions such as this one, I will see her walking with her husband, hand-in-hand. I think it's beautiful. I shared an elevator with them this afternoon. They talked about the chicken and rice they were having for dinner, then seemed to struggle for topics of conversation, like any good couple that has been together for far too long but will be ripped apart by nature long before they are ready.
Out in the parking lot, he opened the car door for her before slowly walking to the driver's side. At that point, my stalking ended, as I had errands to run.

As for our dinner, well, our fish and rice wasn't too far off from our neighbor's menu. We struggled for things to talk about, too.

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